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College of Engineering and Natural Sciences
The University of Tulsa
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Department of Physics and Engineering Physics
College of Engineering and Natural Sciences
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The University of Tulsa
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An exciting announcement from LIGO has been made on Thursday February 11th, 2016 at 9:30AM CST. LIGO detected gravitational waves from two black holes inspiralling, merging, and forming a new, spinning black hole. The merger occurred 1.6 Billion Light-years away, in a galaxy far, far away.

Here are a few recent articles on LIGO and what this detection may mean for the future of physics and astronomy:
[LIGO Generations]: outreach video describing LIGO's history.

I was lucky enough to have visited the Livingston LIGO site back in 2006. Luis Lehner and Inaki Olabarrieta, and both can be seen in this photo log.

  • All the papers, plots, data, audio files can be found on the LIGO Science Center page.
  • The gravitational wave is in the audio frequency band our ears are sensitive to, so we can here the waveform: [Youtube]
  • The news conference announcing the results was extraordinary! Not only were the results astounding, the explanations of gravitational waves and the history behind them were superbly communicated. It is definitely a worthwhile watch.



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