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Application form for  the 2015 SURPP program

TURC 2015 application form

How to apply for SURPP

Please note: SURPP is an internal program open only to students currently enrolled at TU. We can only accept 4 students per year.

Program Director : Dr. Parameswar Hari

Participating Physics Faculty & Description of Summer Research Projects

Dr. Alexei Grigoriev

Research interests: Structure and properties of ferroelectric and magnetic materials. Phase transitions and structural dynamics probed by time resolved synchrotron x-ray microdiffraction. Development of synchrotron radiation tools for studying materials at the nanoscale

Dr. George Miller

My research interests lie in the development of instrumentation in areas of environmental interest. At present these include Application of Laser Cavity Ringdown Spectrometer to Atomic and Molecular Spectrometry.

a)This research represents an ongoing study concentrating on the UV region of the spectrum. Results have demonstrating the technique’s feasibility as both a plasma diagnostic and for analytical atomic spectroscopy. This work has attracted international attention resulting in both invited publications and presentations. The most recent focus has been on the development and field testing of a cavity ringdown-based mercury continuous emission Monitor, awarded under the DOE solicitation "Development of Technologies and Capabilities for Developing Coal, Oil and Gas Energy Resources."

b)A DOD- funded exploratory study of cavity ringdown spectrometry as a non-invasive breath diagnostic for breath cancer. This work is investigating the presence of biomarkers present in the breath as a potential early

Dr. Scott Holmstrom

My current research efforts would be classified in the area of Materials Science for Optical Applications. My group is currently working to develop materials that can be used as part of an optical system designed to mimic structural coloration found in some marine animals such as the cuttlefish. We are also working on developing and characterizing 2-dimensional photonic slabs for use in all-optical circuitry.

In general, however, I would be happy to mentor a summer student in any type of physics research. If you are interested in investigating a particular topic,be it optics-related or not, I'd be happy to talk with you about it.

Dr. Parameswar Hari

My research interests are in the following three areas in condensed matter Physics:

1)Electrical and structural chracaterization of inorganic photovoltaic materials such as CuInSe2 and CuInS2.

2) Transport studies on organic semiconductors and polymers.

3) Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR) studies of glassy and amorphous semiconductors.

Details of the reseach program can be found in the University of Tulsa Physics department web site.



Mr. Jerry McCoy

The research projects I have involve setting up and qualifying new equipment purchased for the Physics III lab. This includes at least the following experiments:

--Wave-Particle Duality of Light

--Rutherford Scattering

--Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Electron Spin Resonance

--Subatomic Particles

To set up experiments such as these and make sure they are working properly is no small task. Once this is done, however, there would be an opportunity to delve further into particular topics than can be done during the lab course.

If you join this research effort, you could expect to develop skill in working with physics lab equipment and computers. You would gain knowledge of the specific Physics III topics covered by these experiments. And you would grow in taking initiative, being resourceful and innovative, and showing perseverance.

Dr. Sanwu Wang

Materials Simulations and Condensed Matter Theory

My research goal is to understand and predict the microscopic and macroscopic properties of real and designed materials on the basis of first-principles quantum theory and atomic-scale simulations. The research involves large-scale computing. The systems under investigation range from traditional electronic, catalytic, and mechanical materials, to novel nanoscale materials including superhard nanocomposites for mechanical applications and semiconductor nanostructures for microelectronics & optoelectronics. Current active research focuses on five areas:

1. Novel superhard nanocomposite thin-film materials.

2. Semiconductor nanostructures on silicon surfaces.

3. Dopant-induced stabilization of porous catalytic nano-materials.

4. SiC-based metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET).

5. n-type diamond for potential electronic devices based on diamond.

Dr. Scott Noble

My research interests lie primarily in the field of computational relativistic astrophysics where computer simulations are used to explore systems in the strong-field regime of gravity, e.g., around black holes and neutron stars. The principal goal of my research efforts is to provide the community with accurate theoretical predictions of how these systems behave and emit light so that better characterizations can be made when observing them.

Suggested research projects include:

1) Perform simulations of collapsing neutron stars to investigate processes of black hole formation;

2) Develop novel numerical techniques for state-of-the-art relativistic magnetohydrodynamics simulation codes;

3) Investigate the dynamics of the magnetic field lines in magnetized gas circulating around black holes;

4) Ray-trace binary black holes to predict their appearance and understand the chaotic kinematics of particles in dynamical spacetimes.

Department of Physics and Engineering Physics

L-165 Keplinger Hall

Ph: 918-631-3128

Fax: 918-631-2995


Presentation at the first meeting (Dec. 7, 2004)

Summer 2005 Presentations (July, 15, 2005) (click here to see pictures of presentations)

SURPP 2013 Summer Participants (below)


SURPP 2012 Group Pictures (below)





SURPP 2011 Group Picture

 From Left to Right

  Parameswar Hari, Cody Sewell, Clark Hays, Kerry Nierenberg,

  Oliver Causey,    Kelsey Potter, Darwin Shields, and Alexei Grigoriev.



Standing Left to right: Mohammad Abu Dakka, Alexei Grigoriev, Matt Baumer

Ryan Anderson, Kendrick Feller, Anne Gambrel, Parameswar Hari, Tara Drwenski and John McCampbell

Sitting (left to right) : Ian Campbell and Shumiao Yu


SURPP 2008 Group Picture

Front: Allie Harjo, Christine Rittenhouse, Matt Baumer, Dan Flanagan and Sanwu Wang

Back: Jacob Donaldson, Dylan Brennan, Parameswar Hari,  Michal Byrczek


SURPP 2007 Group Picture

Dylan Brennan, Tim Bostlemann, Greg Medders, Aaron Isley, Clara Seaman, Jason Gates,

Jeff Kucirek, Matt Baumer, Sanwu Wang and Parameswar Hari



Aaron Isley, Chad Lollar, Louis Kirk, Matt Baumer, George Miller, Clara Seaman, Scott Holmstrom, John Elgin

Robert Hall, Parameswar Hari, Sanwu Wang, John Caruso, and Tom Magruder


SURPP 2005 Group Picture

Participants in the 2005 SURPP Program:


Cody Gregory, Jason Gates , Grant Volle, Daniel Mau, Shawn Jackson, Jon Lamberson, Parameswar Hari, Josh Emerson, John McCampbell


Cristina Tandazo, Jon Williams and Duc Vuong