Web Projects by John S. Powell

  • Trio de Monsieur Charpentier  
  • Airs de differents compositeurs (1678)
    • an unusual and unique collection of French, English, Italian, and Spanish airs composed by leading composers of the mid-17th Century, and now owned by the Westminster Abbey Chapter Library.  The composers include Michel Lambert, Honoré d'Ambruis, Michel Farinel, Sébastien Le Camus, Robert Cambert, Jean Sicard, Michel-Richard de Lalande, Jacques Paisible, Charles Hurel, Jean-Baptiste Lully, Luigi Rossi, and William Turner.  As the collection includes only vocal parts without accompaniment, I have sought out and transcribed concordant sources for many of the airs.  Among other curiosities, this anthology includes the earliest work by Lalande (a drinking song) and an early source for Io's lament from Lully’s opera Isis.
  • Copyists' Hands
    • another ongoing project that provides samples of the handwriting of various late 17th-century and early 18th-century French copyists; it isolates various characteristic features of these hands (clef formation, notes, flags, beams, and script) to aid in identifying the copyists of other French manuscript

    • Hésione