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My name is Dalmo Mendonca, and this is my personal corner on the Internets. Feel free to browse around and explore.

Who's Dalmo Mendonca?

Wow... What a nerd!
Trying to define who I am is not one of those unanswerable life questions about which I constantly wonder. As a matter of fact, I know exactly who I am. Of course, if you don't know me personally, there's little I can do to verbally explain to you what kind of person I am.

And that's why I created this web site. Hopefully, despite all the limitations of verbal communication, you'll be able to grasp a little bit of the essence of my being (let's put it that way) as you navigate these pages. I still think that, although this is nothing compared to experiencing my genuine smile (I quite like my smile) or my wry sense of humor, this little project of mine captures some of the important facets that describe who I am.

So if you're a potential employer, a new acquaintance of mine, or a serial killer in search of your next victim, then consider yourself lucky because you're standing right outside the window of my soul. So go ahead and click around to open it and see what's inside. I hope you like it!

American Literature

If you're visiting this website after my lecture on the biblical allusions in The Grapes of Wrath, you're in the right place.

Click the link below to open the documents

I'm still writing more essays and hunting for old ones, but hopefully I'll have a nice list of resources gathered here.

Contact Info

Phone: (469) 426-2463
Email: dalmo-mendonca@utulsa.edu
Web: personal.utulsa.edu/~dalmo-mendonca

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Latest Projects

So you want to know what I'm up to, huh? Well, let's just say I'm an avid facebooker, and I have no problem broadcasting what's on my mind or what's on my plate for dinner. So if you want to get updates on my deepest philosophical thoughts and the excitements of my quotidian journey, then add me on facebook.