Academic Work

There's always a lot going on in this brain of mine. I always get confused and frustrated trying to map out how everything works in there. Trust me, it's much better if you get to see it in action.


The University of Tulsa                                         Aug 2009 – May 2012

• Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
• Minor in Political Science
• Pre-Medical
• Provost Academic Scholar
• Hall Government President ('10-'11) and Secretary ('09-'10)

Jenks High School                                                 Aug 2006 – May 2009

• College Board AP Scholar with Distinction
• 14 college level (AP) courses
• President of Young Republicans
• President of Chinese Club
• Vice President of Philosophy Club

Fun and/or Useful Classes

Advanced Molecular Biology - Spring 2010

Gel Electrophoresis
In this class of only five students, we delved deep into the minutia of the central dogma of biology, stepping ever so closely to the edge of knowledge to the point where some of my questions simply had no answer. In the lab, I got to experience first-hand all the steps of cloning, genetic engineering, and DNA analysis. It made me realize that I could definitely do this for a living.

Bioinformatics - Fall 2010

TATA Box: DNA-Protein Complex
Before taking this class, the only "code" I could even recognize was HTML -- and even that I was mediocre at! Cross-listed and as biology and computer science course, this class was a real challenge. While protein modeling and genome sequencing were definitely things I was aware of, I would have never thought that I would have the capacity of actually doing them. Surrounded by computer science majors, I usually took hours upon hours on assignments that would take your average computer nerd a few minutes. I certainly learned a lot -- and a lot more than I expected --, and this has broadened my vision to see way more possibilities for awesome research that could be done in my areas of interest.

American Foreign Policy - Spring 2011

American Foreign Policy

I'm particularly excited for this one. It's no secret that I'm a political science junkie, so going more in depth into US history is just what I need to make my Spring a little more jolly.

What I'm Reading Now

Home is Where Your Boots Are

Miss Lilly Atkins has a dynamic personality that makes her loveable to any reader. You can't quite say the same of Cash Stetson, her ex-boyfriend who, right as Lilly comes back to her smalltown hometown in Oklahoma, is in need to a lawyer. Divorce, romance, murder, and greed are among the many plot twists that keeps me on the edge of my seat as I read the misadventures that have got my fingers turning pages faster than I can say, "Dude, where's my pair of boots?"

Trickle Up Poverty

You don't have to agree with everything he says to recognize that Dr. Savage's wise words ring loud and true right our of the pages of this book. The extensive research presented coupled with Savage's unapologetic rage deliver a very polarized perspective of the Obama administration, and I honestly I can't say he's too far off.

The Edge of Evolution

Author of the controversial Darwin's Black Box (which, by the way, was my summer reading last year), Dr. Michael Behe is at it again providing even more thought-provoking examples coming from microbiology that shine a different light at the acceptance of evolution. In this book, Behe demonstates the amazing feats that can be attributed to evolution while also highlighting the boundary between possible science and wishful thinking on the part of adamand evolutionists.

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